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What is a Project

A project is to implement a solution in a defined time-line & cost to meet a business objective, contributing to a larger purpose of the organisation, it could be short to long, and simple to complex engaging with multiple stakeholders with in our outside the organisational ecosystem

What is Project Failure

If for any which reasons the project does not deliver with 100% integrity on any of the CQT factors, it will have a forward cascading effect and impact the business objecting and the larger organisational purpose

Top Reasons of Failure

  • Lack of detailed WBS elements in the project plan
  • Weak communication with stakeholders
  • Protecting Interests
  • Identifying correct stakeholders for each WBS
  • Succession Planning not in place
  • Skill-Set Mismatch
  • poor resource planning
  • holiday planning
  • Sign-off Delay
  • Business User & Information Availability
  • Documentation
  • Reviews & Sign-off

Usual Challenges

Out of the 3, between the vendor, business function & CIO, the accountability of the project is owned by the CIO

Project management is usually assigned to someone from the business function, IT department or vendor, all these 3 parties have their primary day job, may not have professional project management skills and have a reason to safeguard their own interest

In continuation, while the project starts with all the fan-fare it starts hitting turbulance sooner than planned, and the project starts slipping on one front and then on others

Fire fighting is attempted and the information is not communicated in time to the CIO and by the time it reached the CIO its already a public knowledge and situation is beyond control

Benefits of Independent Project Management

  • this is what they do and get paid for
  • Not impacted with internal constraints of vendor
  • Independent reporting to CIO & Steering Committee

Our Technology Understanding

  • SAP
  • SAP SucessFactor
  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP Concur
  • SalesForce


Our Services

We use global best practices based SOP for our work & deliverable ensuring Standardization & Consistency through the life-cycle of project management

  • Scope Review
  • Vendor Contract Review
  • Project Management
  • Project Audit
  • Project Governance